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About us

About Assisteeze

Assisteeze is reshaping oral care for those with physical challenges. Our focus on Easy Brushing introduces an advanced dental hygiene tool, minimizing the need for manual dexterity. Leveraging innovative technologies, including core-less micromotors, our product ensures tailored care with customizable brushes. With a commitment to inclusivity, Assisteeze caters to various abilities, from the elderly to those with movement disorders. Join us in making oral health accessible to all. Thank you for being part of Assisteeze's mission.


At Assisteeze, we're dedicated to transforming oral care for individuals with physical disabilities. Our ergonomic toothbrushes and "Easy brushing" technology automatically initiate dental care upon detecting toothbrush placement. With customizable features, advanced motor tech, and optional pH detection, Assisteeze tailors dental care for diverse conditions, simplifying hygiene for those with mobility challenges. Join us in achieving our goal of a brighter and healthier smile for all.

Our Team

Seyed Mohsen Jalali

Project Manager

Leila Pouriamehr

Technical Manager

Mahdi Rajabidehaghi

Marketing Manager

Zahra Alaviranjbari Nashaghi

Audit Manager

Communication with our consultants